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Welcome To My Home Page

I hope you enjoy my site.

I will be showing some of my guitars



video games , mame and others

there will be links to my music on

check them out on the links page

right now i have some joke songs and some other songs

I will be uploading some of my heavymetal mandolinist music any day

also i will have some links to some things that i hope you will like

3/14/04   started my webstite loaded photos

uploaded some photos 07/25/2005
Welcome To My Home Page

Right now i am trying to build some arcade cabs that will run on mame

i have some control panels built they will be shown frist and more to come soon



click to hear some of my music on myspace

email me at



DARRYLICSHON the heavymetal mandolinist ,with my mandobird


click here to listen to some older music